About judicio

judicio is a product of CrossLang NV.

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Highly accurate

Making use of a cutting-edge machine translation system, Judicio gets it right almost all the time.

General translation machines often perform poorly when it comes to translating jargon, technical language or domain-specific texts. CrossLang has developed a smart translation machine that has been trained specifically in the language of the legal, social and HR domains.

Judicio is the best tool currently on the market to quickly convert complex texts and concepts into the preferred target language. Even for multilingual input it will generate the most accurate output that can be used for various purposes, such as eDiscovery, information gisting, internal communications or publishing new content.

Don't let language stand in your way of identifying the best business and investment practices. Rely on Judicio's mature technology so that you can focus on what you do best.

Fast & easy to use

With an average translation speed of 3.000 words/minute, Judicio tackles all time-critical projects.

Judicio's state-of-the-art architectural network is able to handle high volumes of text at all times. Our translation engine is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product – it is available to you anytime, anywhere.

We process 3.000 words per minute, which means you can download your product almost instantaneously.

It is easy to integrate Judicio into your other software modules, such as Content Management Systems, Translation Management Systems, or Knowledge Bases. Contact us for more information.

Affordable, flexible plans

Our flexible pricing model can be tailored to your individual business needs and budget.

Our models are based on the number of translated words per month. A translation request can be a text snippet that you quickly copy & paste into the source field, or a document up to 5 MB containing hundreds of pages of text.

Our corporate clients can add multiple users to their plan, thus benefitting from even more competitive rates. A dashboard will indicate the monthly usage and the number of words you have left.

Contact us for an individual proposal.

Safe & Secure

All connections are fully secured and translations are not kept on our server.

By using other unsecure translations software your intellectual property could be mined or used for other purposes. Judicio gives you and your employees a secure option to translate your documents and texts, thus protecting your content.

Our servers are located in ISO-certified centres in Germany. To ensure safety and confidentiality, texts are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) with Extended Validation certificates.

We remove all source texts and translated documents from our servers 15 minutes after you download them. No back-ups of user data are made. Automotra uses a two-part authentication policy for extra security.

Ask us about a private cloud-based deployment or even an on-site installation to ensure that your content never leaves your internal user network.